What happens here is good wholesome fun in the hot Nevada sun!

April 21, 2010

Facilities Overview

Welcome to the Warm Springs LDS Recreational Historical site. The facility experienced a devastating fire in July 2010 and was closed until June 2017. This website contains historical information about the old facility.

The old facility consisted of two pools, camping grounds, fields, streams, and limited RV parking. There were bathroom facilities with showers.

The main attractions were two gorgeous warm spring pools. The upper pool was located directly at the spring. Its beautiful, tranquil setting was the perfect place to swim. It has a gravel bottom and was kept au'naturel as they could manage. This pool is a historic site held near and dear to the hearts of local residents as many family and church events took place in the pool, including baptisms. Many of the local youth spent hours in service making the facility a better place, and was the site of many Eagle Scout projects.

The lower pool was fed from a stream connecting it to the upper pool. It was a man made, cement, more traditional pool. With picnic and bbq facilities it was the perfect place to spend a day with the family, throw a big party, or a Church activity.

There were ample camping spaces available perfect for families, scout camps, and girls camps. Large groups can pay a fee to rent the entire ranch for private events.

Warm Springs was truly a beautiful oasis in the desert!

You can view a detailed map of the facilities by clicking here.

Directions and Maps

From Las Vegas:
Take I-15 N about 50 miles towards Moapa, NV
Take exit 90 to merge onto NV-168 W and continue for 7.1 miles
Turn left at Warm Springs Rd and continue for 2.4 miles
Turn slight right at Kimball Rd. and follow the signs into the parking lot.

From St. George:
Take 1-15 S about 68 miles, passing through Arizona and entering into Nevada
Take exit 91 and go left off the exit onto Glendale Blvd. Continue for .5 miles.
Turn right onto NV-168 W and continue for 7.1 miles
Turn left at Warm Springs Rd and continue for 2.4 miles
Turn slight right at Kimball Rd. and follow the signs into the parking lot.


In 1968, Howard Hughes, having seen the Warm Springs area during a test flight, purchased the entire Warm Springs Ranch.

In 1978, 2 years after the death of Howard Hughes, the Warm Springs Ranch was purchased by the L.D.S. Church. After a couple of years, the cattle operation started to decline, and the church planted fruit and nut trees, hoping to develop the ranch as a welfare farm. The experimental welfare farm was unsuccessful, so they sold all but 75 acres to other entities. The remaining acreage , which is now called Warm Springs Recreational Ranch, was subsequently developed into a unique recreational area for members of the Church. Included are many camp sites plus two large swimming pools. The Ranch hosts numerous large and small family and group outings, using ground water pumped from a private well to support the grassy fields and campgrounds. Service missionary couples were called to maintain it.

Warms Springs experienced a fire on July 1, 2010. The facilities suffered extensive damage. Miraculously, no guests had scheduled to use the facilities that day. Only two missionaries, Grant and Marcia Watkins, were on the property at the time of the fire and were quickly and safely evacuated after valiant attempts to fight the fire.

The facilities were reopened in June 2017 and are now under the management of the Las Vegas Nevada Tule Springs Stake.